Exhibition of Animal-pathway

The bridge to connect forests and wild animal life – Animal-pathway

Display a real model of Animal-pathway, recorded video, manga and more.

Exhibition period: June 2 (Sunday) to June 30 (Sunday)

Place: Minato Ward Eco Plaza

Yubinbango105-0013 Minato-ku, Hamamatsu-cho 1-13-1 
TEL 03-5404-7764 FAX 03-5404-7765 
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Opening Hours 9:30 to 20:00 
Closed on the fourth Monday of each month 
     ※ fourth Monday is the next day that in the case of a public holiday 
     year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 29-1 / 3) 


EcoPro 2018

We will have a booth at 『EcoPro 2018』 – International Exhibition on Environment and Energy-
at Tokyo Big Site on 6th(Thu) – 8th(Sat), December, 2018.

EcoPro 2018 – International Exhibition on Environment and Energy

About EcoPro 2018 – Environment and Society of the SDGs Era, and to the Future-

  • Date: December 6th(Thu) – 8th(Sat), 2018
  • Venue:Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)   http://www.bigsight.jp/english/
  • Organized by :Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI)
    Nikkei Inc.
  • Admission: Free (Registration required)
  • Expected Number of Exhibitors: 700 (705 in 2016)
  • Prospective Visitors
    • Business executives, Managers, SDGs related depts., Business purchasing depts., Environmental management depts., Product development depts.,Corporate strategy depts., Social activity depts., etc.
    • Municipal / Government regional development depts., Purchase depts., Environmental depts., SDGs related depts., etc.
    • Industrial organizations, Local business / Commercial organizations, etc.
    • Consumers
    • NPO / NGO environmental groups, Citizen groups, Persons with interest in the environment and SDGs
  • Major Exhibitor Product Categories
    • Eco-products:Home Appliance, Office Supplies, Cars, Materials, Containers, Food, Health etc.
    • Eco-solutions : Finance, Emission Trading, Sharing Services, Reusable Services, Recycling, Consulting etc.
    • Environmental and Energy technology : Energy-Saving Technology, Natural & Renewable Energy, Hydrogen Technology, Smart Grid etc.
    • Environmental, CSR initiatives, SDGs : CSR, CSV, Design & Branding, Biodiversity, Environmental Education, SDGs, etc.

The second symposium on the development of wildlife bridges

We, Animal-pathway and Wildlife Association (ApWA), are pleased to announce the symposium, “Development of wildlife bridges“ – Forest and Wildlife bridges to connect with corridor–, on November 22th 2016, in Tokyo. Thank you for your interest.

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Chigako Wakabayashi, Representative, Office of Wakabayashi Environmental Education Koichi Otake, Representative Director of Animal-pathway & Wildlife Association Toyohisa Asada, President of KEEP
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Hiroshi Ishihara, Chairman of the planning committee of “Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation” Ian White, the Dormouse and Training Officer for People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) Arboreal bridges in Britain: how the dormouse cross the road
 rodney  rdo  %e4%bd%90%e8%97%a4%e5%85%88%e7%94%9f
Rodney van der Ree,Associate Professor at The University of Melbourne, Director of Ecology and Infrastructure International
at an International Research and Consulting Company
Reconnecting the tree-tops of the world for arboreal animals Jun Sato, Associate professor, Department of Biological Engineering of School of Life Science and Biotechnology,
Fukuyama University. Doctor of Philosophy in Earth and Environmental Science.
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Hitoho Yatake, Auditor of the Environment Division at CERES Inc. Misako Noro, Senior Researcher, Research Division of Hokkaido Development Engineering Center
The member of Road Ecology Study Group.
Yoichi Sonoda, Representative director of Road Ecology Research Society of Japan, Biodiversity consulting Division,
Tokyo branch, Regional Environmental Planning, Inc.
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Shusaku Minato, Chairman of Animal-Pathway Research Society, Animal-pathway & Wildlife Association and
Japanese Dormice Preservation & Research group. Professor at KWANSEI GAKUIN University,
Director of KEEP Dormouse Museum.
Panel Discussion Yushin Asari, PhD, Chodai CO., LTD, Road Ecology Study Group