Animal-pathway Development Story

“Animal-pathway Development Story” born from crowdfunding

Last year, we conducted a crowdfunding campaign for animal pathways. The purpose of this project is to produce an animated video that promotes the construction of pedestrian bridges to protect animals from roadkill and other obstacles.

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to exceed our funding goal and the production of the animation has now begun in earnest. Animal pathways play a vital role in realizing a society where humans and nature coexist. They help mitigate the impact of road and rail transport that divide animal habitats, and are expected to contribute to the protection of ecosystems.

Furthermore, the development of animal pathways enables the realization of a safe coexistence between humans and animals. This reduces the risk of traffic accidents and encounters with wild animals, ultimately contributing to the safety of the local community.

We previously featured the “Animal Pathway Development Story” as a crowdfunding project on READYFOR. This time, we have edited and reintroduced the article to showcase the efforts and innovations made in the development of animal pathways. We hope you enjoy reading about our initiatives.


We will continue to focus on projects and initiatives related to Animal-pathways, roadkill, and biodiversity and share information on them in the future. We will also continue to provide updates on the progress of the anime project.