Animal-pathway Development Story – Part 3

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Episode 11:Building an Animal-pathway on Mount Yatsugatake

It was decided to build an animal pathway on the Mount Yatsugatake touring road (prefectural road). After conducting investigations, a suitable location was selected. Deer roadkill is also frequently found in this area. For this project, professionals and volunteers worked together to assemble and construct the pathway.

◆ Members who participated in the installation of the Animal-pathway

The construction of the concrete pillars for the supports took several days, while the assembly and construction took one day.

◆ Progress of Animal-pathway construction

The monitoring equipment was modified from a CCTV data recorder and was installed with a built-in heater due to the high altitude.

◆ Animal-pathway No.2 in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Episode 12:Users of the Animal-pathway on Mount Yatsugatake

The Japanese dormouse (Yamane) frequently uses the Animal-pathway installed on the highland touring road of Mount Yatsugatake.

◆ Japanese dormouse (Yamane) crossing the Animal-pathway 1

◆ Japanese dormouse (Yamane) crossing the Animal-pathway 2

Japanese field mouse (Himenezumi) and Japanese Hondo marten (Hondoten) also use the pathway to move between the forests on both sides of the road.

◆ Himenemuji crossing the Animal-pathway 1

◆ Himenemuji crossing the Animal-pathway 2

Many insects and birds also use the Animal-pathway.

◆ Higara crossing the Animal-pathway

Episode 13:Introducing the Animal-pathway at the Convention on Biological Diversity “COP10”

In 2010, the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) was held in Nagoya, and the “Aichi Targets” for global biodiversity conservation until 2020 were established. The Animal-pathway Research Group exhibited at this conference as a participant.

◆ Exhibition at COP10 event

Additionally, a symposium was also held, where the top executive of the research group’s affiliated company introduced the Animal-pathway as one of their initiatives at a conference attended by many global business leaders.

◆ Holding a symposium at COP10

In addition, a tour of the Animal-pathway in Kiyosato was conducted for participants from overseas.

◆Animal-pathway inspection tour for COP10 participants

◆Record of the Convention on Biological Diversity COP10 event from 2010 October 16th to 19th

Episode 14:The spread of Animal-pathways in various locations

After COP10, Animal-pathways were installed in various locations across Japan. The pathway was widely recognized as an effective measure for preserving biodiversity and improving road safety.

◆ Examples of Animal-pathway Installed throughout Japan

◆ A squirrel crosses the Animal-pathway on the Morioka Kita Road

Episode 15:Various creatures using the animal pathway

Not only arboreal animals, but also birds and insects use the Animal-pathway. Spiders, in particular, use it quite frequently. Here, please watch videos of several insect species using the pathway.

◆ Use by ground beetles

◆ Use by ground rove beetles

◆ Use by earwigs

Continued in Animal-pathway Development Story 4.